My Treatments

A number of quality treatments are available. They are as follows:

Gel Polish

Gel polish is a quick treatment that provides colour and shine to your own natural nails. This gel is best for ladies with already strong nails, or nails that do not experience "lifting" to gel products.

This treatment takes approximately 50 minutes to complete. Gel polish can last about 2 weeks. Removal and reapplication will be required to maintain the look.

French Tips: £12.00

Colour: £10.00

Super Strength Gel Polish, by Candy Coat.

Super Strength gel polish by Candy Coat is a gel that provides more strength than standard gel polish alone. It is perfect for ladies that struggle with nails breaking and want to achieve more length, or for ladies that experience "lifting" often. This treatment is still fast and takes approximately 1 hour.

Super Strength gel can last up to 3 weeks. Removal and reapplication will be required to maintain the clean look and length of your nails.

French Tips: £17.00

Colour: £15.00

Synergy™ Gel Overlays

Gel overlays consist of "hard gel" that is designed to accumulate on top of the natural nail, in a thicker, arched shape. It provides more strength than gel polish ("soft" or "soak-off" gel) alone, and can help to strengthen natural nails that are long but weak. This gel encourages the natural nail to grow. This treatment in ideal for ladies that have bendy, thin nails; or struggle with extreme "lifting". Hard gel overlays also allow you to grow and keep your nails much longer than with gel polishes.

The treatment may take approximately 2 hours to complete. Infills will be required after 3 weeks.

French Tips: £22.00

Colour: £20.00

Express Extensions

Express extensions are a faster and less costly solution to gel extensions. The natural nail is prepped and a full nail tip is glued on. The nail tip is then shaped and painted with gel polish, and nail art can be added (from 50p per nail).

The treatment may take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. These nails are more suited for special occasions and are not meant for long term wear. They may last up to 2 weeks. They are removed with acetone.

French Tips: £18.00

Colour: £16.00

Synergy Gel Extensions

These lengthening nail enhancements make use of hard gel. The treatment includes the application of extensions and cuticle oil. Please allow approximately 2.5 hours for this treatment to be completed. Infills will be required after 3 weeks.

French Tips: £28.00

Colour: £26.00

Gel Infills

Infilling will accommodate the natural nail that has grown since you had your treatment (up to 3 weeks growth). It takes around 2.5 hours to apply infills for Synergy gel extensions and overlays.

Short nails £22.00

Long nails £24.00


Nails that have grown for longer than 3 weeks will require rebalancing. This involves buffing the gel down and rebuilding it. The rebalancing treatment may take up to 3 hours.

Short nails £25.00

Long nails £27.00

Fixes, Removals, and Reapplications

My gel polish removal and reapplication is available for just £15.00.

Super Strength removal and reapplication is £18.00.

Gel polish removal £5

Extension & overlay removal £8.00.

Damaged nail repair treatments. The rates are as follows:

Gel Polish: 50p per Finger

Overlays: £1 per Finger

Extensions: £1.50 per Finger

Any nail art may be extra.

N.B. Damages within the first 5 days are fixed on a complimentary basis. Damaged or broken nails older than 5 days will incur the above costs.

Nail Art

Add fun nail art to any of the gel manicures I provide! These services will extend the time taken for your treatment. There are many variations of nail art including:

Chrome, holographic glitter, hand painted art, nail stamping, gems and much more.

Nail art starts from 50p per nail, depending on the materials used.

Pampering Treatments

Add any of the products below to your appointment for just £2.50 each.

10 minutes is added for every supplementary product you request.

Hydrating hand soak.

Exfoliating scrub.

Moisturising mask.

Hand massage.

Treat Your Feet

Please be aware that I am not equipped to carry out full pedicure treatments. My services include polish application only. Foot soaking, cuticle trimming, and nail clipping or filing are not included.

Nail Lacquer: £8.50

Gel Polish: £10.00

Travel Surcharges

In special circumstances I can travel out to your home. I do not provide mobile appointments regularly at present as I own a wide range of equipment and products, making mobile appointments difficult.

If you should need to make a mobile booking, please call or message me to discuss.

There is a £1.80 travel surcharge for trips under 2 miles. Each mile is then charged at 45p.

Mobile bookings must be accompanied by a £10 deposit.

Toe Nail Gel Removal

Please allow between 1.5 hours for my toe nail gel removal. My rates are as follows:

Gel Polish: £5.00

Bridal Party Group Appointments

Booking nail appointments for an entire bridal party can be stressful, but I aim to make the process as easy as possible.

I can travel to you and get all the ladies' nails in sparkling form before the big day. I have all the necessary equipment and am available for full days if needs be.

All of the prices are below, so please feel free to have a browse. A travel surcharge of 45p per mile will be added to the booking. All bookings require a £20 deposit.

MODA Brows

Brows are designed to your face shape and intricately tinted, waxed, threaded and finished with a touch of brow make-up. This is great for those that have thicker brows that lack definition, or for those that may have over-plucked their brows in the past. This is an ongoing treatment that will need repeating every 4 to 6 weeks, to allow for growth.

£20.00 (1 hour)

Brow Wax & Tint

Tint is applied, then brows are shaped by waxing and tweezing; leaving tidy and fuller brows. Simple but effective.

£12.00 (30 mins)

N.B All first time brow customers must attend for a tint patch test at least 24 hour prior to the brow appointment. This is to test for any allergic reaction to the products. A health and allergy questionnaire must also be completed.


Brow wax (no tint): £8.00
Lip wax: £6.00
Chin: £6.00
Lip & chin: £10.00
Forearms: £8.00
Whole arm: £14.00
Underarm: £8.00
1/2 leg (inc knee): £13.00
3/4 leg: £16.00
Full leg: £20
Bikini (standard): £10.00

N.B New clients must have a patch test for wax and tints before their actual appointment.

Contact me today, in Belfast, County Antrim, to enjoy the nail enhancements I offer, including gel nail extensions.